ANU Disaster Resilience Institute Wins Project Funding

4th June 2022

The Australian National University’s Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions (ICEDS) has been successful in winning project funding under the National Recovery and Resilience Agency’s National Disaster Risk Package.

Its proposal, Partnering with local communities in regional Australia to increase resilience to flood risk, was outlined in the November FMA Flyer, when flood-prone community organisations were invited to nominate.

A central focus of the project will be developing the first ever Australian guidelines for integrating a natural assets-based approach to mitigation of flooding by rivers. The guidelines will provide communities with new data and information, building capability for proactive flood mitigation, with an emphasis on multi-benefit and multi-hazard approaches.

“The guidelines will be integrated with existing national, state and local government flood management guides, enhancing them to account for the additional risks posed by a changing climate,” said Dr Roslyn Prinsley, Head of Disaster Solutions at ICEDS and Chief Investigator on the project.

“We need to rethink the way we plan and prepare for flooding. Sea-level rise, the nature and frequency of storms, and other climate-affected drivers are exposing vulnerabilities in flood risk management strategies that have been implemented over the past century. With an increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events due to climate change, we need to learn from these experiences and prepare better for floods,” she said.

Another output of the project will be a tool aimed to empower Local Governments with the necessary capacity and capability to decide which flood mitigation solutions are suitable in their situation.

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