2020 Digital




The FMA Conference has been held annually for over 50 years and is the most respected flood risk management event held in Australia. This year the Conference has been challenged by the unprecedented spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. FMA believed that even in the most challenging times supporting its Members’ professional learnings is vital, and we found a way to adapt our event to suit most circumstances.


The FMA National Conference was convened online on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May, and still kept the theme “A Flood Resilient Australia: transforming vision into action.


Much of the event content remained as outlined in the preliminary program that was circulated in the lead-up to our scheduled in-person Conference in Toowoomba. This was only possible due to the cooperation and support of our scheduled presenters, who either pre-recorded their presentations, or set aside time to speak to delegates through a live webinar with interactive Q&A time.


This event was for anyone interested in making our communities more flood safe, and brought together a range of professionals, from regional communities to urban hubs, with interests in floodplain risk management. The blessing of this format was that it opened the door for many to attend that may not have been able to in the past due to limits on travel, budget or time.


The content was also beneficial for Commonwealth, State and Local Government representatives, research organisations and education providers as well as consultants, engineers, land-use planners, emergency responders and community volunteer organisations.


If you would like to read FMA President Ian Dinham's Conference Address, you can download it here.


Thank you to all who supported this new format - we look forward to seeing you in Sydney 2021.