Wollongong 1990 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers

  • Boyd, M J– Design Parameters for Flood Hydrograph Models
  • Bryant, T – Sea Level and Greenhouse: Are We All Going to Drown?
  • Crisp, G A- Cheap but Not Nasty!
  • Crossley, J – Flood Protection Measures at Sydney Airport
  • Dyson, A – Residential Flood Level Design in Areas Subject to Flooding
  • Furner, I- The Throsby Creek Total Catchment Management Strategy
  • Gordon, A D – Climatic Change: Treading Water?
  • Handmer, J – Risk Communication for Flash Floods
  • Haines, R – Emergency Management in New South Wales: Implications of the State Rescue and Emergency Management Act and the State Emergency Services Act Including State Emergency Service Flood Responsibilities
  • Hibbert, S – Legal Issues and Recent Legal Developments in the Context of Flood Mitigation
  • Lustig, T – Flood Insurance
  • McKay, G Upgrade of Floodwarning Services for New South Wales
  • Rigby, E H Flooding and Flood Mitigation in the Illawarra Region
  • Roberts, T B – Commonwealth Perspectives on Floodplain Management
  • Smith, D I – Potential Dam Failure in New South Wales: Damages and Dam Safety Management
  • Vale, D – An Environmentally Sensitive Detention Basin
  • Wyllie, S – Coastal Zone Data Collection Programming


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