Port Macquarie 1991 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers

  • Alsop, M G – Preparation of Floodplain Management Studies and Floodplain Management Plans for Major Creeks in the Gosford Area
  • Austin, J J – Community Preparedness Against Floods
  • Barrett, D – The 1990 Nyngan Flood: Engineering Aspects
  • Empson, G – Floodplain Management at Camden Haven
  • Griffiths, E F – Implementation of Floodplain Management in Coastal Lagoons: A Local Government Perspective
  • Haines, R – Preparation and Planning
  • Joy, C S1 – Floodplain Management in Australia; Future Directions
  • Joy, C S 2– The Need for Flood Damage Surveys
  • Lees, S – The Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust: The First Two Years
  • Lustig, T – The Applicability of the New South Wales Floodplain Development Manual to Kampala, Uganda
  • Maddocks, J R – Floodplain Management Funding
  • May, P – Regulatory Policy Design: Cooperative vs. Deterrent Mandates
  • Rushton, J- “Alert” Radio Telemetry Flood Warning: Installation on the Shoalhaven River
  • Smith, D I – Beyond the Design Flood: Implications for Urban Floodplains
  • Sullivan, P – New South Wales Flood Warning Consultative Committee
  • Wood, J F– The April 1990 Flood at Nyngan and Lessons Learned
  • Wood, S R – Experience With Canal Development in the Hastings
  • Wyllie, S J- Real Time Data Acquisition Systems Developed by Public Works Department’s Manly Hydraulics Laboratory and its Application to Flood Warning


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