Bankstown 1992 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers 

  • Beasley, Gerry – Planning for Flooding in Bankstown
  • Bewsher, Drew – Section 149 Certificates with Flooding and Stormwater Inundation Notations
  • Black, Dugald – South Creek Floodplain Management
  • Bodycott, Jim – Flash Flood Warning System
  • Findlay, Stephen – Flood Mitigation: What the Community Expects and What They Get – Is There a Paradox?
  • Green, J H- Uncertainties in the Estimation of Extreme Floods
  • Haines, Rick – Planning for Flood Response Operations
  • Hranisavljevic, Dragan – Urban Drainage System Modelling: Where Are We?
  • Joliffe, I – Experiences in a Total Catchment Management Study
  • Keys, Chas – Upgrading Practices in the Field of Flood Warning
  • Lees, Stephen – Implementation of a Catchment Based On-Site Stormwater Detention Policy
  • Maddocks, John – Georges River Flooding
  • McKay, Gordon – Flood Forecasting in NSW by the Bureau of Meteorology
  • Nebauer, N R – Water Quality and Erosion and Sediment Control in Tuggerah Lakes, Wyong Shire
  • Smith, D I – How Effective Would Improved Flood Warning Systems be in Reducing Rural Flood Losses?
  • Sobinoff, Peter – South Creek Flood Study
  • Still, Don – Darling Mills Creek Flood Mitigation Investigation
  • Stokes, John– National Perspective on Floodplain Management and Catchment Planning
  • Sullivan, Patrick – New South Wales Flood Warning Consultative Committee: How It Can Help You
  • Thiering, C G– Milperra Drain Flood Protection Measures: A Historical Perspective
  • White, Ian – Voluntary House Raising


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