Inverell Shire 1994 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers 

  • Bewsher, Drew – Retro-Fitting Trunk Drainage Improvements
  • Bodycott, J R – Returning the Tide
  • Burton, John – Welcome to Inverell: Official Opening
  • Finlay, S S – Urban Flood Management: The Fairfield Experience
  • Hader, Walter – River Bed Control Structures and Fishways Case Study: Bell River at Wellington
  • Keys, Chas – Towards Better Flood Warnings
  • Low, Arthur – Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Floodplain Management
  • Lustig, Terry – Benefits of a Flash Flood Warning System for the Sydney-Newcastle-Wollongong Region: Progress Report
  • Markar, M S – The Cost of February 1991 Flood Damage in Inverell
  • McKay, Gordon – Flood Warning Lead Times for Evacuations
  • Morrison, Colin – Implementation of the Government’s Flood Policy for Rural Lands
  • Sellars, N P – Watermark: Initial Results of the New South Wales Floodplain Management Survey
  • Still, Don – The Integration of Flood Mitigation Basins Within a Golf Course
  • Stokes, John – Commonwealth Policy on Floodplain Management
  • Tilley, J R – Inverell Floodplain Management Study
  • Walsh, Marcus – Inverell Flood Study
  • Wem, Peter – Strategic Approaches to the Management of River Systems: A New South Wales Perspective


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