Clarence Valley 1996 Conference Papers

Conference Papers

  • Dinham, Ian – Non-Structural Management of Riverbank Erosion: A Case Study of Palmers Island
  • Druery, B M – The Role of Trees in Streambank Protection
  • Evans, Glenn - Flood '55: Planning and Coordinating the 40th Anniversary of the Great Hunter Valley Flood
  • Gregor, N S – History and Results of Rural Flood Mitigation on Far North Coast of NSW, With Particular Emphasis on the Lower Clarence
  • Haines, Richard – Towards Best Practice in Floodplain Management: An Emergency Manager’s Perspective
  • Keys, Chas – Preparing Emergency Managers and the Community for Floods
  • Lees, Stephen – Loyalty Road Flood Retarding Basin: Social, Environmental and Technical Challenges
  • McKay, Gordon – Flash Flood Warning Services
  • Olsauskas, Daris – The Importance of Planning in Floodplain Management
  • Shepherd, Donna – Increasing Flood Awareness in Blacktown
  • Wallace, Tom – Tidal Flow in an Unstable Estuary: Measurement with a Tide-height Gauge
  • White, Geoff – Conference Dinner Presentation


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