Tamworth 1999 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers

  • Alsop, Michael – Flood Forecasting for New South Wales Coastal Rivers in Southeast Areas of Australia
  • Austin, Jeff – Walgett Shire SES 1998 Flood Debrief
  • Betts, Haydn – The Implications of Future Climate Change on Floodplain Planning at Gold Coast City
  • Bolton, A W – Continuous Gauging of Floodways Using Acoustic Doppler Current Meters
  • Broster, Leon – Flood Mitigation in North America
  • Easton, John – Flood from an Insurers Perspective
  • Evans, Glenn – Returning the Tide to Hexham Swamp: While Retaining Flood Protection
  • Evans, Kylie – The Use of CSR Humes ‘Doublewall’ in Tamworth City Council’s CBD Levee Upgrade
  • Haskins, Peter – Yarrahapinni Wetland Water Quality Monitoring
  • Holstein, Chris – The Social Aspects of a Flood Liable Area: Showground Road
  • Leinster, Shaun – Flood Study of a Major Coastal River System: Richmond River Case Study
  • Lord, Toni – The Flood Icon: A Community Flood Awareness Project in Fairfield City
  • Mallory, George – Lower Goulburn Floodplain Management Options
  • Marston, F M – Flows and Floodplains River System: Introducing the Environmental Flows Decision Support System
  • McGuire, Patrick – Concrete Pipeline Infrastructure: The Third Millenium
  • McKay, Gordon – NSW Flood Warning Consultative Committee: Annual Report 1998/1999
  • Molino, Steven – New Flood Preparedness Ideas for an Inexperienced Urban Community
  • Moore, D M – The Use of Remote Sensing for Flood Mapping
  • Opper, Stephen -Making Flood Warnings More Effective: SES, Council and Community Input into the Development of Flood Warning Systems and Services
  • Pryor, David – Inverell’s Floods: A Range of Problems, A Range of Responses
  • Rogencamp, Greg – Community Surveys: An Essential Part of Flood Studies
  • Romano, Pat – Towards Better Floodplain Planning
  • Romano, Pat – Minimising Legal Liability Risks When Disseminating Flood Data
  • Smith, Dingle – Urban Floodplain Management: Where From, Where To?
  • Sobinoff, Peter – New DLWC Initiatives for Western Rural Floodplain Management in Response to Community Needs
  • Spry, R B – Mitigating Flooding in West Tamworth: The Options Adopted by the Local Community
  • Still, Don – On-site Stormwater Detention: Is it Working?
  • Syme, Bill – Two-Dimensional Modelling of Floodplains: A Powerful Floodplain Management Tool
  • Wells, Adrian – “There’s No Problem, You Just Didn’t Talk To Us”: Community Participation in Flood and Floodplain Management


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