Parramatta 2000 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers

  • Adler, Michael – Operation and Maintenance of Large Retarding Basins
  • Andrews, Graham – A Good Idea: The Hawkesbury Nepean Floodplain Management Strategy
  • Argue, John – On-Site Stormwater Retention (OSR) in Residential Catchments: A Better Option
  • Bewsher, Drew – Redevelopment of Flood Prone Areas
  • Blong, Prof Russell – Internal Flood Damage to Residential Buildings
  • Bodycott, Jim – The Draft NSW Floodplain Management Manual: An Update
  • Burt, Alan – Flooding the Web
  • Champion, Chris – Use of the Internet and Floodplain Management
  • Dutton, Mike – The 1949 Macleay River Flood and its 50th Anniversary Commemoration in 1999
  • Frail, Rod – Flood Insurance: The Roles of Insurers, Governments and the Community
  • Frost, Stephen – Urban Stream Restoration: The Fairfield Experience
  • Gauntlett, Ian – The Victorian Flood Data Transfer Project
  • Gayler, Dianne – Commonwealth Regional Flood Mitigation Programme
  • Ham, Peter – Clarence Floodplain Project
  • Hunt, Ian – Wollongong Floods
  • Keys, Chas – The Revised New South Wales State Flood Plan
  • Listowski, Andrzej – Managing Drainage and Flooding at Homebush Bay
  • Lustig, Terry – What Caused the Losses From the Wollongong Flood of August 1998
  • Lynch, Stephen – On-line Property Flood Level Data
  • McConnell, David – New Directions in Defining Flood Hazard and Development Control Planning
  • Opper, Steve – Emergency Planning for the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley
  • Paterson, Bill – Setting Floor Levels in South Grafton
  • Peterson, Robert – Sydney Smith Park Detention/Retention Basin: Achieving Multiple Objectives in an Innovative Urban Flood Project
  • Phillips, Brett – Upper Toongabbie Creek Flood Mitigation Strategy: Stage 1
  • Plasencia, Doug – Challenges in Nonstructural and Restoration Approaches in the Southwest United States
  • Plasencia, Doug – Floodplain Management Issues in the United States
  • Porter, John – Flood Control and Floodplain Management in China
  • Scarsbrick, Joanne – Funding Opportunities for Floodplain Management
  • Smith, Dingle –  Floodplain Management Policy: The Good and the Bad, Past and Future
  • Sobinoff, Peter – The Water Amendment (Flood Control Works) Bill 1999: Amendments to Part 8 of the Water Act
  • Sullivan, Patrick – NSW Flood Warning Consultative Committee Annual Report 1999/2000
  • Tabo, Yoshihiro – Flood Mitigation in Japan: An Overview of Policy, Funding and Current Strategies
  • Von’t Steen, Roel – Implementation of a Regional Floodplain Management Strategy for Northeast Victoria
  • Wardman, Les – “Whose Responsibility? Theirs or Ours?”
  • Wesley, Arthur – Design and Construction of Two Major Evacuation Routes for the Hawkesbury Nepean Floodplain Management Strategy
  • Withnall, Bruce – Coffs Creek Flood of November 1996: Lessons Learnt Three Years On
  • Wood, Arron – “Involve Me and I’ll Understand”
  • Young, Ross – Waterway Management and Flood Protection Services in the Melbourne Region


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