Forbes 2003 Conference Papers


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Keynote Speaker Dr Shi Haifeng, Deputy Chief, Water Strategy Division, General Institute of Water Resources Planning, Republic of China with FMA Chairman, Allan Ezzy.

Conference Papers

  • Allen, Neil – Getting Better Value from your Flood Model
  • Barton, Cathie – The Reality of Determining Urban Flood Damages
  • Bendeich, Paul – Environmental Considerations in Rural Floodplain Management Plans
  • Benham, Sally – Application of 2D Flood Models and 1D Drainage Elements
  • Bewsher, Drew – Notifying Residents of the PMF: Wise Practice or Political Suicide?
  • Crowe, Peter – Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Data in the Service of Flood Management: A Report on an Initiative of the State Emergency Service
  • D’Arcy, Anne – Nerang River Flood Mitigation Community Consultation Project: Challenging the Barriers
  • De Silva, Nilmini – Prospect Creek: Practical Catchment Management in Fairfield
  • Frost, Stephen – Voluntary House Raising Program: The Fairfield Experience
  • Godber, Allison – Urban Floodplain Land-use: Acceptable Risk? Examining Stakeholder Perceptions of ‘Acceptable’ Flood Risk within the Nerang River Floodplain, Gold Coast
  • Haifeng, Shi – Floodplain Management and Mitigation: A China Perspective
  • Hall, John – Urban Levees: How to Preserve Your Banks
  • Heubusch, Daniela – Floodplain Management without the Barriers: Shoalhaven City Council
  • Howells, Louise – Defining the Floodplain: Can One Size Fit All?
  • Jempson, Mark – Flood Risk Management and Community Consultation: A Queensland Perspective
  • Keys, Chas – Councils and State Emergency Service: Developing the Partnership in Flood in Floodplain Risk Management
  • Mayo, Neil – Floodplain Management in the Forbes Area of the Lachlan Valley: Key Issues
  • Mirfenderesk, Hamid – A Review of the Application of GIS to Two Dimensional Flood Modelling
  • Molino, Steven – Dismantling Human Barriers to Flood Warning
  • Nankivell, Peter – Barriers I Have Known… and How They Were Overcome in the Preparation of a Rural Floodplain Management Plan in the Murray Region
  • O’Loughlin, Kevin – NSW Flood Warning Consultative Committee Annual Report 2002
  • Robinson, Justin – WWW of Flood Warning
  • Sobinoff, Peter – Rural Floodplain Management: A New Look Five Years On


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