Coffs Harbour 2004 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers

  • Abbs, Deborah – A High Resolution Modelling Study of the Effect of Climate Change on the Intensity of Extreme Rainfall Events
  • Bucinskas, John – Better Urban Floodplain Management Outcomes Through Strategic Riparian Corridor Planning: The Illawarra Experience
  • Davies, Peter – Integrated Stormwater Planning
  • Dinham, Ian – Floodplain Management in the USA: An Aussie Perspective
  • Gear, Allan – The World Cup Final Replay (Can History Repeat Itself?): A Comparison of Floodplain Management Principles and Practice in NSW and Great Britain
  • Gissing, Andrew – Making Flood Warnings Float: A Pilot Project on the Georges River in Sydney
  • Hazell, Lance – Community Acceptance of Flood Models, Are GIS, DEM and 2D Worth the Effort?
  • Heubusch, Daniela – Operation Wethaven: Training to Stay Afloat
  • Howells, Louise – The Evolving Concept of “Hazard” in Flood Risk Management: Can We Make this Work in a Planning Context
  • Keys, Chas – Warning People about Coming Floods: Recent Developments and Some Barriers to Improved Performance
  • Little, Scott – Rainfall Gradients: The Marriage Between Hydrology and Meteorology, Coffs Creek Catchment
  • Maddocks, John – Managing the Flood Risk in Coffs Harbour in the Aftermath of the 1996 Flood
  • McKay, Gordon – Flash Flood Warning Systems: Are they a Waste of Time?
  • McKay, Gordon – NSW Flood Warning Consultative Committee Annual Report 2002
  • McLuckie, Duncan – Strategic Flood Risk Management
  • McMahon, Jamie – Flooding, Funding and Flora: The Stonequarry Floodplain Management Plan
  • Mcpherson, Bronson – Innovative Data Analysis and Delivery: Where is it Heading?
  • Molino, Steven – Do Education Strategies Sink and Communities Swim? Evaluation of the Woronora Preparedness Strategy Five Years On
  • Molino, Steven – What Merits Assessment?
  • Opper, Steve – The Application of Time Lines to Evacuation Planning
  • Osman, Paul – U.S. Flood Policy Ten Years after the 1993 Flood
  • Pang, Jennifer – Is there any Merit in Floodplain Management?
  • Rehman, Habib – Two Dimensional Floodplain Modelling the Concepts
  • Studdert, Jacinta – Legal Issues and Liability for Councils in Relation to Flooding
  • Waters, David – A Process for Achieving Coordinated Floodplain Management in the Upper Condamine Floodplain, Queensland
  • Wolfenden, John – An Improved Model for Community Consulation
  • Wood, Michael – Balancing the Roles of Flood Mitigation and Natural Resource Management Then (1959) and Now (2004): The Richmond River Perspective
  • Yeo, Stephen – Are Residential Property Values Adversely Affected by Disclosure of Flood Risk


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