Lismore 2006 Conference Papers

Conference Papers

  • Baker, Alan – A Review of Victorian Flood Warning Development Priorities: Looking into the Crystal Ball
  • Barry, Michael – Susceptibility to Broadscale Risk of Inundation: A New Approach to Catchment-wide Risk Mapping
  • Carse, J – Improving the Management of Urban Runoff using On-Site Detention
  • Crapper, Geoff – Spreading the Word: Community Awareness and Alerting for Shepparton and Mooroopna
  • Dawson, Gill – Merrylands Centre Urban Revitalisation Project: Developing Solutions to Address Flooding in the Town Centre
  • Druery, Bruce – Sustainable Development on a High Hazard Floodplain: South Lismore
  • Falkenmire, Andrew – Narrabri – Wee Waa Floodplain: Rural and Urban Floodplain Management Combined
  • Heinrich, Lloyd – Floodplain Management in the Modern Era: Embracing Technology
  • Hunter, Laraine – Are the Poor More at Risk in Flood-prone Communities?
  • Langston, James – Managing Impacts of State Significant Major Roads within the Richmond River Floodplain
  • Leigh, Roy – How Many Flood-prone Properties are there in Australia?
  • Mackay, Craig – Long-term Planning for Flood Management: A Comparison of Australian and United Kingdom Approaches
  • McConnell, David – Flood Emergency Decision Support System for Gold Coast City Council
  • McKay, Gordon – The June 2005 Lismore Flood: Lessons for the Future
  • McLuckie, Duncan – Climate Change: The Future is Uncertain
  • Muncaster, Steve – Use of Web-based Flood Mapping During Emergency Response Operations
  • Opper, Steve – To Flee or Not to Flee: An Evaluation of Warning and Evacuation Effectiveness
  • Rehman, Habib – Local Flood Plan for Small Coastal Catchments
  • Smith, J – Modelling Overland Flows and Drainage Augmentations in Dubbo
  • Stratford, K – Between a Tidal Barrage and a Hard Place: Developing a Management Plan for the Tuckombil Canal, North Eastern NSW
  • Syme, Bill – Flood Modelling the Complexities of Urban Environments: Meeting the Challenge in Newcastle
  • Thomson, Rhys – Impacts on Annual Average Damage: Climate Change and Consistency
  • Verwey, Adri – Hydroinformatics Support to Flood Forecasting and Flood Management


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