Penrith 1987 Conference Papers

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Conference Papers

Alan R Dyson - Floodplain Management in the Tidal Reaches of the Georges River
Alistair J Gilmour - Environmental Impacts and Floods
Cr William James (Jim) Thompson - History of Flood Mitigation of the Clarence River 
David H Pilgrim - Basis and Adequacy of Methods of Estimating Design Flood Discharges
David O' Keefe and Peter Mcghee - The Penrith Lakes Scheme
John W Handmer, Terry L Lustig, D I (Dingle) Smith and Mark A Greenaway - The Sydney Floods of 1986: Losses, Payouts and the Future
Mike G Geary and Peter A Garland - Implementation of the 1984 Flood Policy: The Merits Approach
Neil R Britton - Flood Disasters: Are We On the Right Track with Our Current Mitigation Practices?
Peter Crawford - The Problems Faced by an Urban Supply Authority When it Becomes Involved in Flood Mitigation
Stephen Lees - The August 1986 Flood in Western Sydney


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