Shoalhaven 1988 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers

A. Gordon - The Greenhouse Effect on Sea Levels and Flooding
A. Hall - Revised Rainfall Patterns
B. Morris - Floodplain Management Prevention VS Cure
B. Schell - Voluntary Purchase of Properties within the Floodway of the Georges River at Moorbank
Clr J. Harvey - Prawn Farming of the North Coast of New South Wales
G. Wiliams - Instability of the Local Shoalhaven River
I. Thompson - Commonwealth Funding of Flood Mitigation
J. Irish - Flood Insurance
J.R. Bodycott and C.S. Joy - The Impact of Floodplain Management Strategies on Residential Damage
M. Geary - The Flood Standard and Development Control
R. Brown and D. White - Caravan Parks and Flooding
R. Cock and W. Barratt - Role of Alert Systems in Flood Warning in Australia
T. McKeown - Lower Shoalhaven Flood Study


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