Narooma 2005 Conference Papers

Conference Program


Conference Papers


Akhter Hossain and Mark Rice - Fairfield City Overland Flood Study

Arthur Low and David Avery - Smarter Housing in Flood Hazard Areas

Brett Philips, John Tiley, Stephen Yu and Nilmini De Silva - Review of Flooding in Prospect Creek, Fairfield

Catherine Gillespie - Determining Freeboard: Accepting Uncertainty as Inevitable

David Gibbins, Stuart Hole and David McConnell - A Clever Solution: Do the Opposite as a Matter of Policy

David McConnell, Bruce Druery, Allan Herring - The Use of Airborne Laser Surveys in Floodplain Management

David Seymour - Planning for the Local Flood Hazard

Duncan McLuckie - Floodplain Management: From the Past to the Present to the Future

Duncan McLuckie - Using Past Lessons to Manage Future Development

Gordan McKay and Justin Robinson - Flood Warning Data Networks: Not Forgetting the Lessons from the Past

Ian Hampton and Ian Joliffe - Can We Forecast Future Design Flood Events at Preliminary Site Planning Time?

Keith Jackson, Mike Clarke and Jim Olive - Floodgate: The Substantial Role Floodgate Can Play in Reducing Flood Damage

Lachlan Bain and Mark Leibman - The Role of  Raintanks  in Floodplain and Stream Management

Louise Howells, Doug Treloar and Neil Lawson - Downstream Boundary Conditions for Flood Studies in Coastal Environment

Mark Babister, Steve Opper, Peter Cinque, Matthew Chadwick and Belinda Davies - Adding Value to BoM Flood Predictions (Without Messing Around with Models)

Miriam Middlemann, David Sheehan, Philip Jordan, Christopher Zoppou and Cameron Druery - National Catalogue of Flood Studies

Nilmini De Silva and John Maddocks - Flood Notification: From Flood Risk to Reality

Phillip Campbell - Remember, Commemorate, Prepare: Flood Anniversaries as a Community Education Focus

Phillipe Vienot, Bill Syme and David Wainwright - Entrance Scour Modelling and Implications for Flood Behaviour and Coastal Floodplain Management

Rhys Thomson, Habib Rehman, Amit Chanan and Isabelle Ghetti - Water Reuse Options in an Urban Catchment: Impact on Flood Behaviour

Stephen Lees, Jim Bodycott, Stephen Frost and Ian Dinham - Towards a Certified Floodplain Manager Program

Stephen Yeo and Paul Grech - Floodprone Caravan Parks: Is the System Failing?

Steve Opper and Andrew Gissing - Flood Watch and Some Issues About Them

Steven Molino - The Po River: 2000 Years of Lessons

Steven Molino and Andrew Gissing - Lessons from the Past are not Always Used: Business Flood Preparedness in Two NSW Communities??