Digital 2020 Conference Papers and Presentations


Download the 2020 Conference Program and Abstract Book.

Full Papers / Extended Abstracts

A Mosely - Purchase or Move? Lessons Learnt from Historic Property-Based Floodplain Management Schemes | Download

B Skilton - Lessons from SA's Largest Expansion of Flood Warning Services in 20 Years | Download

C Ryan - ARR2019 Quirks: Embedded Bursts and AT-Site IFD | Download

H Sommerville - Back to Basics: Testing the Validity of Wollongong Local Guidance for ARR2019 | Download

J Nadiroglu - The Only Way is Up: Flood Evacuation in Parramatta CBD | Download

M Edwards - A Framework for Resilient Development on Floodplains | Download

P Jordan - Real-Time Flood Forecasting and Dam Operations for the Ross River | Download

S Baker - Saving Lives from Floods | Download

S Yeo & H Langler - Both Flood and Community Engagement Specialists Working Together for Flood-Informed Communities | Download

T OConnell - A Flood Resilient Bruce Highway for North Queensland: Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade | Download

Z Dore - Toowoomba's Evolution in Flood Modelling and Floodplain Management | Download



PowerPoint Presentations

A Mosely - Purchase or Move? Lessons Learnt from Historic Property Based Floodplain Management Schemes | Download

B Mason - Flood Mitigation on Large Scale Infrastructure Projects: Challenges and a Way Forward | Download

B Patterson - Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme Review | Download

B Tate - Don't Get in a Bog with Your ROG | Download

D Rose - Flood Considerations for Road Managers | Download

S Epe - NSW Flood Data Portal & GIS | Download

S Molino - Time Out: Bankwest Stadium Evacuation | Download



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