FMA Provides Evidence to NSW Flood Inquiry

2nd July 2022

Members would recall that FMA provided a submission the Select Committee Inquiry on the Response to Major Flooding across NSW in May. FMA was then invited to nominate a representative to provide evidence at a public hearing, and FMA Technical Director Danny Rose addressed the Committee by videoconference on 14 June. 

Mr Rose’s opening address covered four main issues:

  • the flooding was within the realms of probability based on existing flood studies
  • we need to urgently implement the findings of the 2014 Productivity Commission Inquiry into Natural Disaster Funding Arrangements to correct the funding paradigm of 3% on studies and mitigation works and 97% on recovery 
  • councils need significant technical and financial support to implement and manage engineering and land use measures
  • FMA has long advocated for stronger links between floodplain management and land use planning schemes.


Subsequent questions referred to these points and related matters including consideration of climate change and the impact of new development in flood prone areas.

The Committee is required to deliver its report by 9 August.


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