NSW Flood Risk Management Manual Released

1st August 2023

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (Environment Heritage Group) has advised that the Flood Risk Management Manual: the policy and manual for flood liable land (2023) has been gazetted as the manual for flood liable land under S733 of the Local Government Act 1993. It replaces the Floodplain Development Manual (2005).

The new Manual breaks the flood risk management task for Councils down into 10 key principles, with a further 14 guideline documents in the toolkit covering administration and delivery of FRM, modelling and floodplain categorisation, risk management and emergency management approaches, economic and land use planning advice.

FMA Technical Director Danny Rose said “While it will take us all some time to digest such a huge body of work, FMA is very grateful to the DPE EHG team that have worked so hard on the Manual and toolkit over many years.

“FMA Members were part of the working groups that helped with the review process and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to be involved with such a foundation document.”

DPE EHG Principal Flood Specialist Duncan McLuckie has advised that the Department has communicated with Councils, and will be working closely with them to support the transition to the new Manual and toolkit.  

The FMA Workshop following the NSW/ACT Quarterly Meeting on 9 August will include an introduction to the new Manual by Mr McLuckie.

The Manual and an updated toolkit are available at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (Environment and Heritage) website, floodplains webpage:https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/topics/water/floodplains/floodplain-manual


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