Membership is available to organisations and individuals involved in or with an interest in flood risk management.


Your Membership will help us continue to undertake these important activities and represent your interests in the responsible management and development of Australia’s floodplains.


It will also provide access to a valuable network of practitioners with similar interests and responsibilities in floodplain management. Currently, FMA has a Membership of more than 150 organisations and individuals from New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.


Membership of FMA is in several grades:

Full Membership: Local government councils, county councils, catchment authorities and similar organisations.

  • Category 1 (2018-19 expenditure greater than $50m) Annual fee $1,750.
  • Category 2 (2018-19 expenditure up to $50m) Annual Fee $990.

Associate Membership: Local government councils, county councils, catchment authorities and similar organisations operating primarily outside NSW and Queensland. Annual Fee $990.

Corporate Membership: Consultants, businesses, government agencies and educational institutions.

  • Category 1 (Organisations with more than 10 employees) Annual Fee $1,750.
  • Category 2 (Organisations with 2 to 10 employees) Annual Fee $990. 

Professional Membership: Individuals working in floodplain management, and not representing an organisation. Annual Fee $375.

Individual Membership: Individuals with an interest in floodplain management and not in paid employment. Annual Fee $150.

Student Membership: Individuals studying in a field related to floodplain management, and not in full-time paid employment or acting on behalf of an organisation. Annual Fee $100.

Fees* quoted are for 2021/2022 and include GST.


*Please note that Membership fees apply to the financial year, so Membership always runs from 1 July to 30 June. If you become a Member between 1 June and 30 June your Membership fee will apply to Membership for the remainder of the current year and all of the following year.

If you are applying for Professional, Individual or Student Membership, you will need to provide a copy of your Resumé.


Download the FMA Brochure.
Download the FMA Corporate Promotional Brochure.
Download the 2021/22 FMA Membership Application Form.


To apply for Membership, submit your completed Membership Application Form and Resume* below.


*For Professional, Individual and Student Membership applications only.

Please ensure you save the completed Application Form to your computer first, and then upload the document. Do not complete in a browser window.