Moama 1998 Conference Papers

Official Program

Conference Papers

  • Andrews, Graham – Towards a Hawkesbury-Nepean Floodplain Management Strategy
  • Benning, Neil – New Floodplain Management Manual
  • Bewsher, Drew – Using Flood Certificates to Raise Flood Awareness
  • Boyd, Wilton – Tamworth Flood Mitigation: Insights into Integrated Planning
  • Dutton, Mike – Development of a Water Quality Monitoring System in the Macleay River Floodplain by Kempsey Shire Council
  • Fowler, Jeff – Stormwater Detention Basins in an Urban Bushland Setting
  • Gauntlett, Ian – Floodplain Management Reform in Victoria
  • Lewellyn, John – A Way Through the Present Floodplain Planning, Administrative and Legislative Framework
  • Morrison, Colin – NSW Floodplain Planning: A Rural Perspective
  • O’Conner, Terry – Levee Bank Endorsement: The Long Way Around
  • Opper, Stephen – Towards a Council-State Emergency Service Partnership in Floodplain Management and Flood Warning
  • Phillips, B C – The Legacy of the October 1993 Flood in Benalla
  • Speer, Milton – Forecasting the Coffs Harbour Flash Flood Rainfall Event of November 1996 Using Computer Modelling and the Possibility of Providing Effective Warnings
  • Sullivan, Patrick – Activities of NSW Flood Warning Consultative Committee
  • Thomas, Chris – GIS and the Lower Hunter Floodplain Management Plan
  • Verrender, Mark – Rehabilitation of Ageing Infrastructure
  • Walker, Ross – Commonwealth Government Perspective in Relation to Natural Heritage Trust Programs


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