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Introduction to Floodplain Risk Management Short Course - UTS Online


Floods are incredibly destructive, along with human injuries and fatalities, the economic and physical damage to affected areas can be devastating. Yet, of all the natural hazards, floods are the most manageable through intervention. This course equips you with tools to understand how the development and implementation of intervention plans to manage flooding risks can minimise damage to the community and built environment.


About This Course

This course teaches students the main elements of floodplain risk management (FRM) – a process of informed decision making in the strategic management of flood risk through an appropriate framework.

  • Understanding flood behaviour in the catchment in its current condition, and by considering the long term development of the catchment
  • Understanding of the variation in hazards across the floodplain and its different sources and the associated consequences for existing and future development
  • Assessment of options to manage flood risk to existing development through various mitigation measures consistent with the government flood policy
  • Assessment of options to develop the floodplain that adequately considers:
    • Flood hazards and behaviours
    • Ensuring development extents and conditions are consistent with the maintenance of flood behaviours
    • The residual flood hazard and the objectives of the government flood policy.

This course is supported by Floodplain Management Australia (FMA) and the NSW Government.


Key Benefits of this Course

This course has been designed to:

  • Equip you with good understanding of how FRM is undertaken in NSW and other flood prone states in Australia and the roles of relevant agencies;
  • Provide you with a solid understanding of the principles of FRM and the desired outcomes of FRM projects;
  • Improve your skills to work on FRM projects and be more effectively involved in the FRM process; and
  • Enhance your ability to specify and manage FRM projects.



Tuesday 2 August - Thursday 18 August 2022.



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Two additional blocks will be made available on the following dates covering further professional development:

Block 2 Effective Consideration of Flood Risk in Land Use Planning - 1st September, 8th September and 15 September
Block 3 Managing Flood Risk to Existing Properties - 6th October, 13th October and 20th October