Wollongong 2008 Conference Papers

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Conference Programs

Conference Papers

  • Abbs, Deborah – Climate Change and its Impact on Flooding in SE Australia
  • Cheung, Leonard – Modelling of Tsunami Waves Using an Existing Hydraulic Model
  • Crompton, David – Flood Modelling: The Big Picture
  • De Silva, Nilmini – Canley Corridor Overland Flood Study: A Comparison of Modelling Approaches
  • Dufty, Neil – Being Prepared: Community Flood Education Planning in New South Wales
  • Evans, Glenn – The Maitland Flood of 2007: Operation of the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme and the Maitland City Local Flood Plan
  • Frech, Marshall – From Motivated Denial to Informed Vigilance, A Critique of U.S. Flood Policy
  • Goodman, Al – ASFPM’s Positions and Recommendations Concerning Federal FPM Policies and Programs in the USA
  • Gibbins, David – Seizing the Newcastle Moment: Data Collection in the Aftermath of a Flood Event
  • Grech, Paul – To Build or Not To Build:A Review of Fairfield’s Flood Risk Management Policy
  • Haines, Philip – Difficulties Determining and Managing Flood Risks in Intermittently Open/Closed Coastal Lakes
  • Haines, Philip – Rainfall and Flooding of the “Pasha Bulker” Storm, Newcastle, June 2007
  • Heubusch, Daniela – Caravan Park Flood Evacuation Time Line Modelling
  • Hyde, Amanda – Building Community Resilience for Flood Safety in Maitland and the Hunter Valley
  • Maratea, Emma – The Art of Defining True Flood Hazard: A Case Study of Two Floodplains in the Illawarra Region
  • McAneney, John – The Cost of Weather-related Natural Disasters: 1967-2006
  • McKay, Gordon – Guidelines for Local Flash Flood Warning System Proposals
  • McLuckie, Duncan – Adapting For Climate Change Impacts on Flooding
  • McPherson, Bronson – Should We Develop a Flood Database for NSW?
  • Molino, Steven – How Do You Improve Community Response to Warnings?
  • Nichols, Paul – Merit-based Design in Floodplain Management
  • Opper, Steve – When Too Much Risk Just Isn’t Enough: Welcome to Fortress Flood
  • Rehman, Habib – Impact of Climate Change on Floodplains
  • Ribbons, Sue – Overland Flooding Problems Across Your Council Area? No Money, No Time, No Data? … No Worries
  • Rigby, Ted – Hydraulic Categorisation of the Floodplain: Why and How
  • Smith, Grantley – Opportunities for Improving Flood Emergency Response with Advanced Flood Forecasting Decision Support Systems
  • Van Drie, Rudy – Hazard: Is There a Better Definition? & Impact of Not Accounting For Buildings!
  • Yeo, Stephen – What are Acceptable Flood Risks in Caravan Parks?


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