Outstanding YFM Presenter

Outstanding YFM Presenter


The Young Floodplain Managers (YFM) is a network of early career professionals in the field of floodplain management and an endorsed sub-committee of the Floodplain Management Australia. The YFM aims to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, and foster connections within the industry.

The Outstanding YFM Presenter was presented for the first time at the 2021 Online National FMA Conference in May, and celebrates the achievements of early career professionals by selecting a presentation or poster that best meets the following criteria:

  • Presents a new idea, or innovatively builds upon existing research
  • Is technically robust, and well presented
  • Is relevant to the theme of the conference and current issues in the industry.

Those eligible for the Outstanding YFM Presenter are papers or posters where the presenting author is a current member of the YFM network (less than 15 years’ industry experience).

Winners of the Outstanding YFM Presenter:

  • 2023 - Jonah Chorley: A Thousand Gauges - Using Personal Weather Stations to Hindcast Extreme Weather Conditions
  • 2023 Highly Commended - Alex Nero: Catastrophes, Conversations and Classrooms - Empowering Children to Lead Community Flood Resilience
  • 2022 - Alex Nero: Mental Health and Extreme Weather Events - Considering the Connections, Impacts and Risks
  • 2022 Highly Commended - Cath Walker: Getting the Most Out of Flood Studies: Connecting Consultants, Councils and Classrooms
  • 2021 - Prawi Woods: Rehydrating the Floodplain to Save the Endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog
  • 2021 Highly Commended - Catherine Walker: Could School Flood Education Be the Catalyst for Advancing Women in STEM?
  • 2021 Highly Commended - Filippo Dall'Osso: A Review of Australian Models to Predict Direct Tangible Flood Damages  - Do We Need Better Tools? 


For more information on the Conference, visit floodplainconference.com, and more on the Young Floodplain Managers, visit the YFM Page.