Young Floodplain Managers (YFM) Network

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The FMA Young Floodplain Managers (YFM) network exists to represent, engage, and inspire young floodplain management professionals across Australia. 

The objectives of the YFM are to:

  • collaborate and share knowledge through networking opportunities, mentorships with industry leaders, professional development workshops and events, and social media platforms and forums where YFMs can discuss key issues and share innovative ideas
  • inspire and empower YFMs to share new ideas and engage in industry discussions
  • connect YFMs from across the public and private sectors as well as other young professional groups; and
  • promote gender equality and diversity in all YFM activities and the broader industry.


Any floodplain manager is welcome to apply if committed to the objectives of the YFM. Whilst the YFM's mission is to represent, engage, support and inspire young floodplain management professionals across the nation, anyone who supports this objective is welcome to apply for membership of the YFM and engage in the group's actions, irrespective of their age or level of experience. You can visit the YFM Linkedin page here.

FYI: Recordings of YFM Webinars and Online Panels are archived in the Members' Section, under 'YFM Recordings'.

Membership and Application

To apply for Membership, please download and complete the following form, and submit it below. Please note: the committee will consider all applications.








No. There is no cost associated with being part of the YFM Network.

No. You do not need to be current Member of Floodplain Management Australia to join the YFM Network. We do invite YFM Members to attend FMA Meetings and events throughout the year, regardless of their FMA Membership status.

Simply download the above Application form, complete it, and submit it through this page. Your Application will be reviewed by the YFM Committee, and they will be in touch.

While YFM mentions that their Membership is guided towards those up-and-coming in the flood risk industry, with less than 15 years experience, all are welcome to join and attend YFM events (provided they support the objectives of YFM).

YFM deeply respects and appreciates the knowledge that more experienced professionals of the industry have gained, and wants to stress that they are most welcome at all events. 

Not only will you be welcome to attend our exciting networking events throughout the calendar year, you can also participate in our Mentorship Program (more to come at a later date), and the prestigious Outstanding YFM Presenter Award at the FMA National Conference.


YFM Application Form Submission




If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us through the following Contact form.