Tamworth 2011 Conference Papers

Conference Booklet

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Conference Papers

  • Atiquzzaman, M D – Alternative Modelling Approach for Dam Break Analysis
  • Becker, J – Never Drive, Ride or Walk Through Floodwater: Pedestrian and Motorist Behaviour In and Around Floodwater
  • Biscan, Nicole - Melbourne Water's Flood Risk Assessment Framework
  • Box, Pamela - Local Government and the Provision of Flood Risk Information
  • Caddis, B – Challenges of Floodplain Mangement in Malaysian Borneo
  • Davidage, E – Mapping the Overland Flow – Challenges and Achievements
  • Dufty, Neil – Implications of Recent Research in Community Flood Education
  • DuPue, M – Large-Scale Screening for Cost Effective Risk Mitigation Projects
  • Ghanem, P – Navigating the Community Consultation Process – A More Personalised Approach
  • Gibbins, David - Newcastle Headlines: 'It's a Death Trap!' (Are Warning and Evacuation Plans Always the Answer)
  • Gissing, Andrew - Managing the Response to the Victorian Spring Floods 2010
  • Gray, S.D. - The Direct Rainfall Method: A Critical Discussion of Current Practice
  • Green, J.H. - Deriving Short Duration Design Rainfall Intensity-Frequency-Duration (IFD) Estimates for Australia
  • Heubusch, Daniela – Flooding and Entrance Management: Not an Open and Shut Case
  • Hossain, A - Levee Flood Gradient Sensitivity Modelling Study: A Case Study
  • Hyde, Amanda - Evaluating Community Preparedness for Flooding: Is Maitland Ready for the Next Big One?
  • Lyons, Darren - Flooding in the Wollombi Valley: Learning from Experience
  • McKay, Gordon – Timely Data Proves Its Worth for Tamworth in the November 2008 Flood
  • McLuckie, Duncan - Consideration of Sea Level Rise in Flood and Coastal Risk Assessments
  • McLuckie, Duncan – Improving Strategic Understanding of Flood Risk Through Better Use of Existing and Future Information
  • McLuckie, Duncan - The Flood Risk Management Industry Education Partnership Six Years on and Going Strong
  • Millener, Deborah - The Door Knock Campaign
  • Molino, Steven – Are Warnings Working? Achievements and challenges in Getting Communities to Respond
  • Mounser, Glenn - Rural Floodplain Management in New South Wales: Diverse and Evolving
  • Opper, Steve – Community Safety Decision Making in Flash Flood Environments
  • Ribbons, Sue - Flood Risk Management Starts with Land Use Planning: An Update on Flood Issues in Local Environmental Plans
  • Roche, Kevin - The Great Flood of 1954
  • Rogencamp, Greg – Rehabilitating Floodplains by Rehabilitating Flood Models
  • White, T – Managing the Response to the Victorian Spring Floods
  • Wicks, J - Flood Risk Management Planning for the Long Term: Perspectives from the UK and China

Panel Discussion

  • Sommerville, H – The role of Flood Intelligence in Emergency Response – Planning and Implementation


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